Founded in 2012, the Council for the Advancement of Black Engineers (CABE) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization based in the Inland Empire.

The specific and primary purposes, for which the Organization was formed are:

  1. To mentor Black engineering students through their undergraduate experience and to encourage them to ultimately pursue a PhD or post-doctorate degree and become engineering faculty or industrial leaders in our global economy;
  2. To employ ideas to create passion in students so that they recognize the value proposition of advanced skills and encourage them to drive innovation, become solution banks to the technical challenges facing our world and arm themselves to compete globally;
  3. To promote the public awareness of doctorate degrees in engineering and the opportunities it affords African-Americans in the professional industry and academia.

The CABE consists of a board of predominately black engineers that are dedicated to the recruitment, retention and enrichment of the next generation of black engineers.  As such, we have founded this organization which will utilize our diverse skill sets and backgrounds to propel these students to the next academic level.  The primary function of the organization is the promotion, retention, and professional development via mentorship for black undergraduate and graduate engineering students. 

Within the founding board are engineers from several disciplines who have successfully navigated their way into industry and/or academia. Each individual brings to the organization a unique perspective on the challenges existing for current black engineering students and probable solutions to those challenges.  Also within the board are current engineering students (both undergraduate and graduate) and postdoctoral researchers who can advocate for and give direct mentorship and support black engineering students on a hierarchal basis.

We are developing relationships with well-established engineering organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Los Angeles Council of Professional Black Engineers (LACPBE) to draw from their achievements and experience to help our program flourish. We are also creating an alliance with The Bourns School of Engineering within the University of California, Riverside (UCR) that will enable us to share available resources and guide them to the goals they are seeking.  Several faculty in the Bourns College of Engineering at UCR are excited about this mentoring program and have committed to support the organization.

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